Diesel Dog

The Fort Smith Boys Home has been in business for 41 years! Something that we are very proud of. We also understand that many wonderful people have been responsible for those 41 years and paved the way for our success. Our success is not that we have been opened 41 years, but that during that time the Fort Smith Boy's Shelter has helped thousands of children in need.

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of young men who by no fault of their own have found themselves in difficult situations. Consistently, we hear stories of dysfunctional, and often unlivable situations. Our mission is to give them a safe environment, both physically and emotionally and trying our best to normalize theirs lives. Often that starts with safety, without that nothing is possible. Then by opening up their world to education and opportunity, amazing things happen...

How We Began

Prior to our 40th celebration in 2018 we proposed a name change, one that would more adquality describe our mission and purpose. That subtle name change would be the Fort Smith Boys Home! Why after 40 years would we change it? Because while we understand this is not their home, we have worked very hard to make it more of a home environment, one that the boy's could grow, learn and appreciate today and in the future Today, I am happy to acknowledge that we have accomplished that. Almost always, youth come to us and talk about their pets, most notably their dogs. That appeared to be an easy solution, and we were off to the Shelter to find the perfect fit. That fit was setting in a cardboard box near the front door being quiet, while other dogs were barking at the top of their lungs. That sold me, a sweet dog who wasn't excitable and would like all children and help make our place a home. So Diesel quickly became one of the boy's and fits in nicely. Almost every boy that comes to the Boys Home says when they leave they want to take Diesel with them! Diesel also thinks he is one of the boy's and always sets upright on the couch believing he is...

Many times, when picking up boy's from appointments, school or work they say, “ are we going home?” and the answer… YES!

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Fort Smith Boys Home
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