The Fort Smith Boys Home is a long term placement for boys aged 13-18 who have been displaced from their home through no fault of their own.

Would you like to get involved? Many people say, “ I would love too” but work, time and life gets in the way of good intentioned people. We always need volunteers and you must be 21 years old to apply. Background checks are completed and all applications must be notarized. Upon completing the application there will be a Volunteer Information Session held at the Boys Home which will inform all Volunteers about our policies and programs.

You can pick up an application at the Boys Home, call or email for more information.

479-646-2819 Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


There are many reasons why an individual or corporate sponsor may want to donate to the Fort Smith Boys Home or any non-profit for that matter. The Boys Home has been in operation going on 41 years and without the continued support and donations, we would have been closed years ago. 

As you might imagine we have many expenses, including food, utilities, transportation, toiletries, cleaning supplies, fuel, activities, room and board, insurance coverage and payroll to continue to make the Fort Smith Boys Home a safe, happy, certified and accredited organization. 

Many donate because they understand that children in care, have many times been the victims of verbal and physical abuse, violence, drugs, tragedy, and abandonment, and in some occasions lived in dysfunctional situations or broken homes. Your donations, don’t make these issues go away, but your donations allow children to move forward, get needed counseling, attend school, have positive recreational activities and have consistency which is a necessity in having a healthy lifestyle. 

I think it's important to understand that negative experiences in our lives don't just go away, counseling and mediation have their place. It's the ability to understand situations, education and setting goals for a positive future. The Boys Home is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children who have been negatively influenced by others. Anytime we can set a young person on a positive path, both emotionally and figuratively, to a more positive and productive outcome, everyone is successful. 

We are also committed to building our Recreational Facility. This facility will certainly be a physical activity center for the boy's, but much more than that. Plans are to have individual and group activities, trainings, fundraisers, and open to community supporters and all non-profits when not in use. 

Additional uses include counseling, tutoring and team building both for the boy's and staff. Raising the funds to complete this project will not be easy or done overnight but we are committed, and it is very important to the continued growth of our organization and the young men in our care. We are also excited about our Brick Campaign which will help fund the facility and also proudly display our individual community and corporate sponsors. Currently, we don't have a timeline to complete our fundraising campaign but transparent information concerning our progress will be available on our website and facebook page. 

A huge part of our mission is to focus on education. All children in our care attend Fort Smith Public Schools and with resources from Title I Funding, receive tutoring and guidance during the school year. It’s also important to understand that “education” is more than a school education, we teach life skills and try to prepare the young men for the future, which might be college, trade school or a simple resume and application process in order to be successful. Understanding that success comes with success, creating positive experiences for them helps normalize and enlighten their lives. Watching a young man get his first job, start a bank account and take responsibility for his actions and future, make it all worthwhile. 

In closing, why do people donate….. It matters!

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