Each time I ask for something they continue to step up and help! Financially, they are a big help, but our relationship is more than that. Gerdau personally reaches out and gives valuable individual time for us. They don't ask for any recognition but I will continue to give it anytime possible. This through our event shirts, facebook, website, and most importantly by word of mouth. This seems to resonate with people and also gives a human touch to their generosity.


What a wonderful event! The Fort Smith Police Department vs the Fort Smith Fire Department in a basketball game!  The day started off with our pre-game tournament with 8 teams from the community stepping up to help. There were two brackets, one for the ex or current college players, (which was won for the third year in a row by the Showstoppers!) The second was the fundraiser bracket which had many good players.  Perspectives Behavioral Health took top honors in this bracket!

Change can be disconcerting, nerve-wrenching, and at times frustrating. But change is also an opportunity to grow, learn and maximize our mission. Over the last year (DHS), the Department of Human Services, has proposed many changes which directly affect all shelters, homes, and cottages, that take care of foster children throughout the State. There were some options, and we selected (as did 17 other providers around the State) to become a QRTP or Qualified Residential Treatment Program.

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