Change can be disconcerting, nerve-wrenching, and at times frustrating. But change is also an opportunity to grow, learn and maximize our mission. Over the last year (DHS), the Department of Human Services, has proposed many changes which directly affect all shelters, homes, and cottages, that take care of foster children throughout the State. There were some options, and we selected (as did 17 other providers around the State) to become a QRTP or Qualified Residential Treatment Program.

This designation means many different things, and most importantly that The Boy’s Home become nationally certified.  In our case, this required a CARF accreditation.  (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). This was a difficult, time consuming and costly process. However, with this accreditation, the Boy's Home will be better in many ways. We will be able to focus on our mission, vision, core values and purpose. Also, we will be better able to promote the quality, value and optimal outcomes of our services through a process of continuous improvement that center on enhancing the lives of the persons served. It’s also important to know that the check and balance system of accreditation will enable, and force in many instances, us to make sure that we are fair, balanced and that continued improvement becomes a way of life, not just something required for accreditation.

Importantly, over the last 4 years, The Boy’s Home has had foster children aged 7-18 and while many times this was challenging, it was also a joy to help children in grade school find their way during a very difficult time. Moving forward, the ages will be 14-18.  The secondary young men, who themselves are facing challenging times and require just as much help, will need different help and guidance.

We look forward to this challenge and will try our best to prepare them for the world ahead and the opportunities and challenges awaiting them. Please don’t misunderstand.  We are still The Boy’s Home, just a HOME for older foster children who deserve the same care, support, and understanding that………

We all need and deserve! 

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